Ideas and technology can be leveraged to transform any business including your healthcare business. That is exactly what we do at DexhealthCare. At DexHealthCare we care for your healthcare business, its efficacy and effectiveness. At DexHealthCare we are committed to assisting your business improve and succeed by applying our expertise in Revenue Cycle Management along with Ideas and technology.

At DexHealthCare, we offer healthcare receivable cycle management services including medical coding, medical billing and offshore account receivable services.

Services Offered

  1. Revenue Cycle Management
    • Medical Coding
    • Medical Billing
  2. ICD-10 support
    • Shadow Coding
    • Financial Impact Analysis
    • Clinical Documentation Improvement
  3. Medical Dictation & Transcription Services
  4. Digitalization of healthcare
    • Hospital Information System
    • Clinical Data Management
    • Patient Data Management
    • Document Management
  5. Healthcare Business Strategy Development

Client Speaks

"We are impressed with Quality, Speed, Cost and Communication of Team DexHealthCare. They have been doing a tremendous job."

"Their knowledge across domains and tools are outstanding."

"DexHealthCare team's ability to understand business requirements and provide solutions has consistently met our expectations."

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